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Company Profile

Our organization, Mitticool Private Limited, is situated in Rajkot (Gujarat, India). We are engaged in the earthen products business since 2015 and have gradually transformed into one of the pioneering company to develop a ground-breaking range at very affordable prices for the people of our country. This has been made possible due to the collective efforts of our large workforce who have toiled to bring forth a flawless range. We have developed a resourceful infrastructure that has mass production abilities to fulfill the clients' orders on time. The reputation of our products have exceeded the geographical boundaries of the nation and are availed by international clients well. As a progressive company, we aspire to continue doing the good work for the benefit of people and economy.

Key Facts:-

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Company Branches


Number of Employees


Number of Production Units


Monthly Production Capacity

As Per The Client's Requirements

Working as an Original Equipment Manufacturer


Warehousing Facility


Export Percentage


Export Market

United Kingdom, Uganda and United States

Export Turnover

INR 2 Crores

Annual Turnover

INR 2 Crores



Income Tax Registration Number


Standard Certifications

ISO 9001:2008

Standard Certifications Detail

Vinayak Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.

Date of issue - 31.12.13

Our Product Range

We, Mitti Cool Clay Innovation, present an impressive range of beautiful handmade Clay based products. Here is the complete list of product offering:

  • CookWares & TableWares
    • Combo Offer
      • Combo Offer - Cherry Cup Set(100 ml. , 6 Pieces) , Clay Water Bottle (400ml.), Handi With Handle (2 Lit.) & 9 inch Simple Tawa
      • Combo Offer - Curd Pot (250 ml.), Clay Water Bottle (1 Lit.) & 9 inch Simple Tawa With Handle
      • Combo Offer - Curd Pot (500ml.), Clay Water Bottle (1 Lit.) & 9 inch Non-Stick With Handle
      • Combo Offer - Glazed Glass Set (200 ml. , 6 Pieces), Clay Water Bottle (1 Lit.), Earthen Water Pot (10 Lit.)
      • Combo Offer -9inch Non-Stick Tawa With Handle, Clay Water Bottle (1 Lit.) & Handi (500ml.)
      • Combo Offer-Handi (2 Lit), Curd Pot (500ml.), Clay Water Bottle (1 Lit.) & 9inch Non-Stick With Handle
      • Water Bottle Combo
      • Water Pot With Nonstick Tawa And Water Bottle
    • Table Wares
      • Cherry Cup Set (100 ml)
      • Curd Pot With Cap (1 LTR)
      • Curd Pot With Cap (500 ml)
      • Dinner Set
      • Glazzd Glass Set (200 ml)
      • Linear Bowl Set (6 Piece 200 ml)
      • Serving Linear Bowl (500 ml
      • Square Cup Set (100 ml)
      • Water Bottle (1 Liters)
    • Earthern Cookwares
      • Cooker (3 Liters)
      • Earthen Tawa (With Handle)
      • Handi (500 ml)
      • Handi With Handle (2 Liter)
      • Kadai (1.5 Liters)
      • Non-Stick Tawa (With Handle)
      • Simple Tawa (3 Piece 10 Inch)
  • Mitti Cooker
  • Mitti Refrigerator
  • Refrigerator & Filter
    • Earthern Refrigerator
      • MittiCool Refrigerator
    • Earthern Filter
      • Filter With Painting
  • Water Pots & Handicrafts
    • Earthern Pots
      • Earthen Water Pot 10 Liter
      • Earthen Water Pot 13 Liter
      • Earthen Water Pot 15 Liter
      • Earthen Water Pot 18 Liter
      • Earthen Water Pot 20 Liter
  • Antiques And Handicrafts
  • Non Stick Coated Earthen Tawa
  • Clay Cooker
  • Clay Food Plate
  • Clay Pot
  • Clay Water Filter
  • Clay Diya
  • Earthen Pot
  • Clay Pot For Cooking
  • Clay Cookware
  • Clay Bowls
  • Mitticool Fridge
  • Clay Cups
  • Clay Handi
  • Clay Glass
  • Mud Pots For Cooking
  • Cooking Clay Products
  • Earthen Pot Online
  • Clay Tawa
  • Mitticool Cooker
  • Mitticool Water Filter
  • Earthen Ware Cooking Pots
  • Clay Water Filter Pots